A Few Great Nail Salon Advertising Ideas

Nail salons are pretty popular community services that are nice place to relax,Guest Posting rehash all the community rumors that are going around and bond as well as get some great looking males in the process. I couldn’t imagine anyone owning an nail salon that’s familiar with all the current nail salon advertising ideas so today we are to me go over some of the most popular ones on the Internet right now. As an nail salon owner, your goal is to obviously bring in new customers and once they arrive in do business in your establishment you should get even more business when they tell their friends. Usually nail studios are located close to shopping centers and in many cases are also close to a variety of other salons like maybe a hair salon or even a competitor nail salon.

So what makes your salon different from everybody else? We live in an age right now were your average consumer spending a lot of time on the Internet researching different nail salons that they want to visit or thinking about visiting. In many cases 80% or more people will try to find your business on the Internet and look up not only the good but the bad before they walk through your front door. So what you have to do, is establish your business as a full-service nail salon and this has to be communicated to the customer from your company website.

You want to create a blog and you want to become the big resource hub for all the nail salon customers in your area. This is another one of the great nail salon advertising ideas you need to employ to make sure you stay very competitive these days. And how do you do this? You do this by setting up a blog, and researching every nail salon or nail spa keyword phrase in your local area using a tool called Google keyword research tool. Don’t worry this tools free to use any could find it by doing a simple Google search on the keyword phrase Google keyword tool. You want to take each keyword you find and write them down on a piece of paper.

Then you wanna make one post per day on each one of these keywords. You wanna write the title and make sure that the title post has that keyword phrase inside it but you also need to write your content and title so that it makes sense to the website visitors that will be reading it. Now you want to use this keyword phrase about 1 to 2 times for every hundred words that you write on your blog posts. So let’s say for example he write a 400 word blog post and don’t worry word press will tell you how many words are in your post so you don’t have to guess. So if you had a 400 word blog post you would write your targeted keyword phrase four times with the content.

But if you’re too busy running your business, nail salon advertising ideas like this do not need to go to waste because work like this can easily be outsourced. Simply find a reputable company and they’ll make post on your blog every single day and will make sure that not only are all your targeted keywords in your local area taken into consideration, but that internal linking, linking to outbound authority sites and other search engine optimization considerations are taken into effect as well. You can outsource all apres nail of this work, or you or one of your employees can do what we call the light work which are like the blog posts. But you can have a company like us set all of this up for you so your work becomes much easier.

Another one of the great nail salon advertising ideas that have stood the test of time is sending out mailers to previous customers offering coupons to come back for some type of discounted service. A popular type of coupon is 10% off your next visit if you can afford that. These methods have been proven effective over the long term and will never go away. Also think about Facebook event page. There is software for example we have access to that can be set up for you that will allow your customers to give you permission to post on their wall with one click of a button. To entice them to do this, you would end up giving them a coupon or some type of free report like seven different ways to take care of your nails. Of course that’s just an example, as a nail salon owner I’m sure you could think of something much more creative than this.

Let’s say for example you had 200 customers that you contacted over the next month or so after they went in your store and asked them to sign up for your Facebook event. They do this by clicking on a simple graphic on your Facebook wall which gives you permission to post on their Facebook wall. Now you have a reach of not only your Facebook page and all your fans but every single one of your customers followers as well which can give you local marketing domination very quickly if this Facebook event marketing system is set up right. I really think that this is one of the best nail salon advertising ideas you can employ as a small business owner.