Teaching Conversational English in Japan – ESL Teacher Tips

The Far East was once a mystery to foreigners. Many countries had closed their borders for fear the “Western influence” would corrupt the value system of its citizens. That ideal is changing and countries are opening their doors to Western influence. Japan is one of those countries. They welcome native English speakers who desire to teach English in their country.

Many people in Asia realize that in order to function well and be successful in international business relations, their businessmen and women need to be able to speak English. Conversational English lets them interact with foreign business contacts more easily than their native tongue. Teachers, with and without formal training or experience, are sought after to do the job.

Before choosing where to go overseas to teach, ask yourself some questions. Will I find a job? Is living in a foreign culture for a year what I want to do? How will I learn the language? What kind of structure do I like?

All of these are valid questions to ask before committing to such a large undertaking. It is no small thing to pack up, leave everything you know, and move half way around the world for a year or more. If things get off to a rocky start, you will long for the comforts of home more and more. Each culture is more diverse than the one before it. Besides that, Asian or European languages for that matter are not easy to pick up on.

If you are attracted to orderliness and discipline, Japan might be the country for you. Their culture is one that is steeped in tradition and customs. As a foreigner, they won’t expect you to know all of their customs, but will show respect as a result of your efforts to comply.

Japan has opened up in recent years to foreign professor de inglês nativo teachers. They actually have a very streamlined process for dealing with Westerners who wish to work in their country. Thousands of applications for work visas are approved each year. There is a lot of competition for the English teaching positions available. Many will hire you with an interview over the telephone after reviewing your application but would prefer to meet you in person.

There are many things that will help you to be successful in your job seeking. First off, the more credentials you have the better off you will be. They require a teacher to have certain credentials to be considered for employment especially with agencies that hire on behalf of Japanese schools and businesses. A bachelor’s degree is required by many schools and businesses will look on you more favorably if you have a business degree or a background in the business world.

The teaching environment in Japan is quite structured. Teachers are required to show up on time and dress accordingly. The attire is conservative and teachers are required to take off their shoes before entering the building and to use a pair of sandals or walk around in stocking feet until you are ready to leave.